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Snow Gates

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Our snow gates looked great for a couple of years, but now the stain has faded. We do not want to have to restain them every couple of years. Are there any other options?

Yes. Up until the summer of 2019, your only options were to either restain the gates with the same semi-solid stain or paint them with a solid stain or paint. The solid paint will last a couple of years longer than staining, but it will eventually start fading and peeling too.

We have come up with a product that will eliminate your need to restain your snow gates forever! We now have a premium snow gate that is constructed from a composite material. We are the only company that offers this product!

The benefits of these snow gates are:

• Unlike many composite boards which are only finished on one side, our boards have a beautiful wood-grain finish on both sides

• They are lighter in weight than the mahogany snow gates and most other composite boards (such as Trex®), so they are easier to open when clearing snow

These gates come with a 30-year color fade warranty

• These gates come in three colors:


Dark Brown (very close to the color we use to stain the skirting)

Cape Cod Gray

Check out the photos below and give us a a call for pricing on these beautiful snow gates!

Redwood Dark Brown Cape Cod Gray



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