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Windscreens can be added to the back or sides of the court.  They protect the court from wind and increase ball visibility for players.  

We can add your club's logo to the outside of the windscreen for a complete and professional look. 


In order to help keep the ball from bouncing over the superstructure and out of the court, a six to eight foot high extension net can be added to the court. 


Like the windscreens, the extension netting can be installed around the entire superstructure or on specific sides.  Typically, the extension netting is added to areas where it is difficult to retrieve the ball if it bounces over the superstructure.


These ball warmers are a fun and practical addition to your facility.  They keep two spare balls from freezing during long play in cold temperatures.  Just plug them in and set the timer for length of warming.  They easily hook onto your screens. 


The ball warmers are made from a wood-grain composite in our shop and match our new snowgates.  They can be ordered in dark brown (above left) or redwood (above right). 

12.5" x 8" x 6.5" 


For the comfort of players and spectators, these benches may be strategically placed around your facility.  They fit perfectly on the walkways between the courts.  


The benches are made in our shop from a composite with a beautiful wood-grain look.  They match our new snowgates, ball warmers, cooler tables and boxes. They can be made in either dark brown (shown above) or redwood.  

47" x 15" x 19"


The cooler tables are the newest product in our accessories line.  They work well near the court or on your facility's deck.  They have built-in insulation to keep drinks cold while playing or socializing.  They can accommodate a case of bottles or cans.  The table top provides extra cup holding space at a good height.  A drain plug is located in the bottom of the cooler.  


The cooler tables are constructed in our shop from our wood-grain composite.  They match our composite snowgates as well as the ball warmers, benches and cooler boxes.  They can be built in either dark brown, combination of dark brown and redwood (above left) and redwood (above right).

21" x 18" x 24" 


These cooler boxes are a welcome addition to any facility.  They have built-in insulation to keep all your drinks cold and a handy drain plug to aid in clean up.  They can hold approximately 4 cases of cans or 2 cases of bottles.  They also easily double as a bench for added seating around the courts. 


The cooler boxes are made in our shop from a composite with a beautiful wood-grain look.  The composite will hold its color for many years.  The slats have a beveled edge to add a unique touch.  These cooler boxes match our snowgates and other composite accessories and are offered in dark brown (above left), redwood or combination of dark brown and redwood (above right).   

35" x 17" x 19"


These coat racks help to keep discarded clothing off the courts as matches progress.  They are constructed from the same high-quality aluminum tube as the superstructure.  The racks can be attached by the court door for convenient use.  Racks are offered in either our 4-hook or 8-hook design.


These umpire chairs are a must-have for any club that hosts tournaments.  The chairs hang over the top of the superstructure at center court and do not impede play.  They are built in our shop from powder-coated aluminum. 

The umpire chairs have been used for the APTA National Championships every year since 2013.  They also are used for all grand prix tournaments.

24" x 32" x 55"


Our composite accessories are offered in dark brown (top), redwood (middle) and combination of dark brown and redwood (bottom). 


Please contact us for pricing and delivery options on any of our accessories!

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