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Routine maintenance includes:​

  • Resurfacing

  • Power washing

  • Screen tightening

  • Leveling and securing loose deck panels

  • Screen section repair

  • Net replacement


Other maintenance includes:

  • Stripping and resurfacing the deck

  • Painting the screens and superstructure

  • Screen section replacement

  • Replacing skirting around the perimeter of the court

  • Deck replacement

  • Undercarriage replacement (wood carriages only)

  • "Rolling" the end walls to allow for proper screen tightening

  • Straightening walls


Upgrades include:

  • Upgrading the fixtures from metal halide to LED lights custom designed for platform tennis courts

  • Upgrading the wire tensioning system to the modern "tension box" system (Precision courts only)

  • Upgrading the heating system to our recommended configuration and top-of-the-line heating units

  • Replacing the wood undercarriage with an aluminum undercarriage (requires modification of the underside of the deck)

  • Upgrading to our composite snow gates

  • Installing magnetic door closures to replace broken or ineffective ones

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