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LED Lighting represents the biggest leap in lighting technology in the history of the sport.  Total Platform Tennis was the first company to install LED lights on platform tennis courts (2014) and we have installed our LED lights on over 100 courts.  We have devoted a significant amount of time and resources to developing and perfecting a light that is custom designed specifically for platform tennis.  No other company can match our lighting expertise and experience.    

Our custom-designed LED lights are the best and brightest in the sport and provide the truest white light available.  They provide over three times the light of the older 400-watt metal halides and come with a 5-year parts warranty.  

Many players experience difficulty seeing the ball clearly at night and these custom designed LED lights are truly a game-changer.  The following picture shows the LED lights (left court) compared to the 1000-watt metal halide stadium-style lights (right court).  By looking at the decks of the two featured courts, the dramatic lighting improvement (brighter and whiter light) from using LED lights is obvious.


The benefits of our LED fixtures over the standard 1000-watt metal halide fixtures are:

  • These fixtures have been custom designed for platform tennis courts.  The light is very uniform across the entire surface so that the corners are just as bright as center court.

  • The fixtures are designed so that the glare is minimized when players look up.

  • The annual energy cost is less than 50% of the 1000-watt metal halide fixtures while giving you a whiter light.

  • The LED fixtures come with a 5-year parts warranty.  Once the fixtures are installed, there are no maintenance requirements and if any part needs replaced, it is covered for 5 years.  The fixtures are rated for 100,000 hours, which is pretty much forever for a platform tennis court!

  • The design of the fixture allows the light to be limited to the court itself with virtually NO light pollution off the court.  Also, there is no glare when the fixtures are viewed from 30 feet or more away from the court.

  • Instant on, instant off.  No waiting for bulbs to warm up or cool down.

  • The light from our fixtures is very close to actual sunlight.  The yellow ball and purple/green court are much brighter under these lights.


LED Fixtures

1000-Watt Metal Halides

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