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At Total Platform Tennis, our people are our greatest strength.  It is what sets us apart.  Our expertise and creative solutions will meet all your platform tennis needs.   

We continually challenge how things are done in an effort to improve courts for players.  Our most revolutionary innovation is LED Lighting that is custom designed for platform tennis courts.  We are the first company to design and install LED lights on platform tennis courts.  We have installed more than any other company.


David Dodge, head of our field operations, is the most experienced court builder in the country.  As a knowledgeable fabricator, innovator and court builder, he has over 30 years of experience and has personally built over 500 courts.  He has introduced major innovations to the sport including the purple and green surface color (the most popular color combination in the game) and LED lighting which provides more than three times the brightness as traditional lighting.  

David personally oversees all of our construction projects and works closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide them with the highest quality product available.


Mark Kebe, a business leader with extensive experience in manufacturing and construction, oversees our shop operations, supply chain, scheduling and sales functions.  He also manages estimating and prepares our proposals and contracts.

A paddle player for over 35 years, Mark is also Chairman of The Midwesterns, one of the largest platform tennis tournaments in the country, and a former Board member of the American Platform Tennis Association (APTA), the sport's governing body.  



LED Lighting

Our biggest game-changing innovation is our LED Lighting.  These LED lights are custom designed specifically for platform tennis.  LED lights provide advantages over metal halide lights such as:  significant decrease in energy cost, uniform light on the court, whiter light, 5-year parts warranty, minimal light pollution, and instant on, off lights.  For further information, please see our Lighting Section.

Snow Gates

Our newest innovation is our composite snow gates.  These snow gates maintain their beautiful wood-grain look and color for years.  We offer them in three colors and they come with a 30-year color fade warranty.  Traditional snow gates are made with stained wood.  After several years, the color fades and the boards need to be restained.  Also, our composite snow gates are lighter in weight, making them easier to lift when clearing snow.  

One of our new dark brown snow gates is pictured on the top left of this category.  The picture below it shows a three-year old faded traditional snow gate (left side) compared to one of our new redwood snow gates (right side).  We are the first and only company to offer these high-end snow gates. 

Court Colors--Premier Purple™ and Green

In the past, courts were always painted brown on the outside border area and green on the inside.  David Dodge, our master court builder, determined that if we changed the colors, the ball would be easier to see.  He developed the Premier Purple™ color for the playing area and used green for the border.  This has been the most popular color combination for the game.  The yellow balls really contrast against the purple surface, thus improving visibility.

Magnetic Door Closure

Magnetic door closures are another example of how we are constantly looking for ways to improve platform tennis courts.  Courts are typically built using hydraulic door closures or a ball and latch system on the entry doors.  Mark Kebe, as a player, noticed both of these easily break and are cumbersome.  Our magnetic door closures are much more reliable and have a sleeker footprint.  We are the only company that installs magnetic door closures on platform tennis courts.

Service Box Line Gap

David Dodge provided a gap between the service box and the singles line to allow for better service box calls.  This has now become an American Platform Tennis Association (APTA) specification. 

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