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Screen Maintenance

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

How often do the screens on the court need to be tightened?

It depends on the amount of play the court receives. Most courts need to have their screens tightened at the beginning of each season. Courts that receive heavy play should have their screens adjusted in the middle of the season as well.

Our court is over 12 years old and the screens have been tightened so often that the superstructure's lower beam is resting on the boxes that hold the tightening rods. We are unable to tighten the screens any further. What do we do?

This is fairly easy and inexpensive to fix. We can "roll" the screen and readjust the lower beam (tension member) so that the screen can again be tightened for multiple years.

Some of the screens on our court have holes where the wire has broken. Can they be repaired or do they need to be replaced?

It all depends on the size and location of the hole. In most cases, if the hole is small enough so that the ball cannot go through it, the hole can be repaired. However, if the hole is on one of the screen sections on a back wall or on a side wall near the corner, you may want to consider replacing the entire 6' wide screen section.

We have an older court and the screens are rusty. Do we need to replace them?

Screen sections are typically replaced when they receive so much wear that there are holes and tears in the sections. However, rust will negatively impact the performance of the ball bouncing off the screen. It also detracts from the aesthetics of the court. Applying a coat of gray rust-resistant paint will take care of both issues.



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