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Court Surface

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

How often does a court need to be resurfaced?

The two main factors that impact the life of a surface are: 1) the amount of play and 2) the weather conditions. If a court receives normal play (3-4 days per week), the surface will typically last 3-4 years before it needs to be resurfaced. If the play is 5 or more days per week, the court will need to be resurfaced every 3 years. Severe winter weather also will have a significant impact on the surface life.

How many times can a court be resurfaced?

Once a court has been resurfaced 5-6 times, the amount of paint and grit will have built up to where it will start to impact the quality of play. At that point, we recommend that the surface be stripped down to the bare aluminum and a new surface be applied.

The color of the court seems "chalky" and faded after only two years. Do we need to have the court resurfaced?

Not necessarily. The "chalky" appearance is usually caused by the oxidation of the paint. You also may have some green mold on the deck if there are any trees close to the court. Power washing the court will take care of both of these issues in most cases. In 2019, we worked with our paint supplier to formulate a new paint that should eliminate the oxidation issue.

I have seen courts with various color combinations (purple/green, blue/green and green/brown). Which is the best combination?

Feedback from players has indicated a strong preference for the purple and green. The main reason is that the purple court provides the best contrast to the yellow ball and has improved the visibility during play. Another reason given is that clubs and players find it to be the most aesthetically pleasing color combination.



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