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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

I purchased one replacement net from an online store and one from another company. Both fit differently and neither one seems to fit properly. What is the correct net size?

A net fits correctly if: 1) the distance between the net posts is the same as the length of the net and 2) the bottom of the net touches the court when the net is installed.

Per the Official Rules of the Game as posted on the American Platform Tennis Association website, the distance between the net posts is to be 23'. All of the courts that have been constructed by Total Platform Tennis have the net posts located so that there is 23' between the posts. There are courts in use, constructed by other companies, that have net posts spaced at 22' and in rare cases 21'. Therefore, before purchasing a net, you need to measure the distance between your court's net posts.

Also, per the Official Rules, the net posts are to be 37" high and the center of the net is to be 34" high. A properly fitting net will be 36" high. Some companies sell nets that are between 32" and 34" high, resulting in a gap between the bottom of the net and the court surface. Aside from not looking visually correct, this causes problems for teaching pros during lessons as balls can roll under the gap causing potentially dangerous tripping situations.

You can confidently purchase nets directly from Total Platform Tennis. All of our nets are 36" high and we carry a variety of lengths to accommodate the specific needs of any court.

Properly Fitting Net

Incorrect Net--Too Long and Short



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